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Passing your proctored Final Exam is the final step in completing your New York 77-Hour Real Estate Pre-Licensing Course.

As required by the New York Department of State, the Final Exam must be completed in the presence of a proctor.

This course includes all the information you’ll need to book and take your proctored Final Exam. Here is a breakdown:

  • To view all proctoring locations, proceed to the Lesson titled ‘Book Your Proctored Final Exam’.
  • For questions regarding the proctored Final Exam, proceed to the Lesson titled ‘FAQ’.
  • For tips on how to prepare for your Final Exam, proceed to the Lesson titled How To ‘Prepare For Your Final Exam’.
  • When you are ready to take your Final Exam and are in the presence of your proctor, proceed to the Lesson titled ‘Final Exam’ to begin and your proctor will enter their unique password to unlock the exam.

Lastly, note that your Certificate of Completion will be issued upon passing the exam and completing the Course Evaluation Survey.